Let Us Turn Back the Clock on Your Home

Your home will look as good as new with our pressure washing or soft washing services. Whether it is oil-stained driveways, moldy siding, or simply dirt buildup, we use our years of experience to provide a quick, affordable, and exemplary service. We can pressure wash or soft wash stucco, vinyl, siding, decks, and virtually any surface to a pristine shine. You won’t believe how clean your home will be when All Star Window Cleaning is done.

Soft Washing or Pressure Washing?

You have likely heard of pressure washing, a method of using pressurized water to scrape away dirt and other residue from surfaces, but is it the same as soft washing? Whereas pressure washing uses water pressure to clean, soft washing actually utilizes special cleaning chemicals in the water to clear surfaces. Soft washing removes algae, moss, dirt, pollen, mold, and various other stains from surfaces without the risk of damage from the force of the water. Once the cleaning solution is applied, low pressure water washes it off, and you’re left with a sparkling clean, beautiful surface. The major difference between the two comes down to what is doing the cleaning. Pressure washing uses water pressure, and soft washing uses cleaning chemicals. Contact us today to see which option is right for you.

Save Time and Energy

Both pressure washing and soft washing can be time consuming, and in some cases, difficult. Over our years, we have even seen homeowners impact lasting damage upon their homes by employing the wrong pressure washing techniques. Before you damage your home or hurt yourself, call All Star Window Cleaning. Let our experts take care of it all for you. Your home will thank you!

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