Don’t Let a Clogged Gutter Ruin Your Home

A clogged or broken gutter can seriously wreck the foundation of your home. Unfortunately, water damage from poorly maintained gutters is all too common; it is estimated water damage claims cost the insurance industry more than $2 billion every year! Just one inch of rainwater across a 1,000 square foot home sends more than 600 gallons of water into the gutter systems. If not diverted properly, that water can cause serious damage.

A leaky roof, eroded landscaping, and interior damage can all be avoided with careful gutter maintenance. All Star Window Cleaning will keep your outdoor gutters unobstructed and protect the foundation of your home from the harmful effects of water damage. With well-maintained gutters, your home will be safe, dry, and comfortable all year round.

Why Do You Need a Clean Gutter?

A clean, working gutter and downspouts will do more than save your home from water damage. Neglecting proper gutter maintenance procedures can lead to toxic black mold growth in your home, which can cause serious health problems like asthma, lung infections, depression, and the common cold. Mold grows in moisture-rich environments, and most building materials, when they get wet, provide a suitable environment for mold growth. By keeping your home warm and dry, you keep your home protected from mold.

Most gutters over time develop electrostatic magnetic bonding, or as you might call it, stripes or dirt streaks. Combined with falling sticks, leaves, and other debris, these cause serious blockages which essentially render your gutters useless. If your gutters are not regularly kept clear, you are putting your home in danger.

Keeping your home shielded from the elements not only keeps you and your family healthy, but it also saves money! Make sure your gutters are protected; trust All Star Window Cleaning.

Why All Star Window?

We at All Star Window take great pride in our work. We have the skills to take on any gutter. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we strive to exceed expectations with every opportunity.

We remove electrostatic magnetic bonding by hand, scrubbing all gutters and removing all debris, including sticks, stones, leaves, and anything else, to ensure they are as clean as they were when they were installed. We’ll make sure the exterior of your gutters are sparkling clean and good to go. It takes the right cleaning solutions and a serious bit of elbow grease to get rid of those pesky black streaks, but All Star Window has what it takes to beautify your gutters.

Avoid the risks of cleaning that hard to reach gutter yourself! Call us today to find out about rates and specific services we offer and to see how we can keep your home at the forefront of comfort.

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