Miscellaneous Cleaning Services

All Star Window Cleaning offers a variety of miscellaneous home cleaning services. Our technicians can perform vinyl shutter restorations, chandelier cleaning, brightening of exterior lighting fixtures, and water-less fireplace cleaning. We can even clean shower glass and remove tough stains like hard water, soap and calcium. We are passionate about delivering cleaning services that exceed expectations and strive to make sure you are always satisfied. 

Water-less Fireplace Cleaning

We are proud to offer water-less fireplace cleaning services. Water-less fireplace cleaner is a temporary cleaning coating designed for use on a variety of surfaces and both interior and exterior fireplaces. As the name suggests, water-less fireplace cleaner requires no water in its application, which is especially helpful when you need to clean hard-to-reach  locations. Water-less fireplace cleaner collects all dirt, soot, and contaminants, then traps them within the coating for simple, effortless collection and disposal. You can use water-less fireplace cleaner on brick, textured stone, sandstone, limestone, concrete, marble, ceramic, terrazzo, slate, tile, granite, plastic, painted and even bare metal! Application is just as easy using a roller, brush, or airless sprayer.

Deck Cleaning and Restoration

Do you have an old deck that has seen better days? Let our team turn back the clock with our soft pressure washing services. This service washes away years of wear, leaving your deck sparkling, fresh, and clean. Our deck restoring services include a full, comprehensive deck cleaning, including rails and steps and deck staining. Our versatility and years of experience means we can work on any deck materials, including trex and composite decks. We can also fully restore everything from old, oil-stained driveways and moldy siding to sun-bleached fences. You won’t recognize your home once our work is done!

Save time by hiring our team!

Washing your siding, deck, or fencing yourself can take valuable time out of your day. If you want to make sure your cleaning or restoration work is done right, contact All Star Window Cleaning. Let us handle the heavy-duty work. Sit back, relax, and watch us deliver incredible results.